Frequently Asked Questions

When the app tells me to remove a seal on the Tower, how do I know which seal to remove?

The Tower will do a brief light animation and then a set of lights will stay lit. The two lights on the edge of the Tower show you which face of the Tower the seal is on. Then, look to see which specific seal is lit up to know which one to remove. The lights on the edge are near the bottom seal, but that might not be the seal being removed. The seal light might be harder to see if your room is very brightly lit or you are looking at the Tower from a higher angle.

If a battle card gives me an item that has an Advantage that can be used against that foe, can I use it in the current battle?

Yes. You can use Advantages you gain during a battle in that battle.

If a battle card causes me to lose an item that gave me an Advantage against that current foe, can I still use that Advantage in the current battle?

Yes. You calculate your Advantages when you take the heroic action. If you lose the source of an Advantage, you do not lose the Advantage and can still spend it on a subsequent battle card in that battle.

Can I gain a corruption from an effect that does not make me lose items or resources? For example, if an event requires me to place 2 skulls on a particular building and that building is destroyed, do I gain a corruption? What happens to the skull?

We have clarified the corruption rule on page 9 of the rulebook as follows:

There are two ways you can gain a corruption.

You gain a corruption when a battle card, dungeon room, event, or other game effect causes you to lose things you don’t have or place skulls on a destroyed building. You cannot gain more than 1 corruption from a single battle card, dungeon room, or event. Take as many losses or place as many skulls as you can, and then take a corruption. Any skulls you cannot place are removed from the game.

You gain a corruption each time a building in your home kingdom is destroyed.

So, in the example, you would gain a corruption because you needed to place skulls on a destroyed building. You only gain one corruption even though there were 2 skulls to place. You would remove the 2 skulls from the game.

On page 20 of the rulebook, the table says the enhanced effect in the bazaar costs 2 spirit to gain a treasure, but in the example, it says spend 1 spirit. Which is correct?

Two spirit is correct. (The example used to refer to the Relic Hunter, who only spends 1 spirit as a result of their “Prepared” virtue. We removed the hero from the example and forgot to correct the text.)

Isa offered us a deal where one of the choices was to “collectively” lose warriors. What happens if we don’t have enough warriors altogether?

Players lose all of their warriors, and then each player gains a corruption. (This is a special rule for “collective” losses.)

Frequently Asked Questions: Alliances

If an effect causes me to lose a guild companion, does it go back to the guild board?

No, if you lose a guild companion, it is removed from the game.

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