Working To Make the Brothers Murph … Murphier

February 6, 2018

Restoration Games is thrilled to announce that we are sponsoring “The Brothers Murph”. Nick and Mike are young, up-and-coming content creators based in Los Angeles, who are “here to bring a flair for entertainment to the board gaming community with a focus on finding the joys in gaming and promoting inclusive gaming experiences and culture.”

Under the agreement, we’re giving them the equipment and financial support to help them grow their audience and platform, so they can bring their unique brand of board game humor and joy to seasoned vets and brand-new gamers around the world. We approached the brothers because we could see their energy and passion for games. We could see the effort they were putting into their content. And, frankly, because they made us laugh. With them, it’s not about rating the most recent worker placement offering from Germany. In fact, they don’t do reviews at all. It’s all about the fun, and that jibes with our mission too.

Probably the best way we can sum things up is with this video, dreamed up by the brothers and — what was I thinking? — played along with by me: