Origins 2024

July 1, 2024

We’re back from the Origins Game Fair!

Thank you to everyone that visited us at the booth or event space. You helped make it our best year yet at this convention.

Origins is reporting a 10% increase in attendance compared to last year, but the convention still felt pretty relaxed compared to some others. While some of the “big guys” didn’t make it, that just meant you had more time for us. And we appreciate it. We also made sure to make time for Jeni’s ice cream, shopping of our own, and catching up with our board gaming friends.

Our limited stock of Thunder Road: Vendetta sold out basically on Day 1. Don’t worry – the reprint is well underway, and next time we’ll have the Carnival of Chaos expansion! Unmatched: Slings and Arrows was a huge hit – folks really seemed to love the idea of taking the bard and his creations up against the wild array of heroes in the Unmatched line. And by the end of the show, we had also sold out of Return to Dark Tower (we hear you, you want more!) and Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze. We were busy nonstop when the exhibit hall was open, and we had a lot of fun chatting with folks who stopped by – new fans and old alike.

We ran a series of competitive Unmatched tournaments with participants getting special foil promos and winners getting an array of awesome prizes. We love connecting with Unmatched fans and seeing folks play their favorite heroes and try out the different competitive formats. But lest you think events are only for competitive purposes – don’t worry. We also ran a ton of learn-to-play casual events with Unmatched and Unmatched Adventures, Return to Dark Tower, and Thunder Road: Vendetta.

And a lot goes on behind the scenes too. We’re a fully distributed team with everyone working remotely – so we really like to take advantage of together-time to do some hardcore playtesting! (Photo heavily redacted – you’ll learn more about this one next year!)

A great and productive time for all here at Restoration.

If you couldn’t make it or Origins, don’t forget you can always join our online community on our Discord server. We’ve got a great crowd there, and the team is pretty active in the chat. And we’ll also be at Gen Con and PAX Unplugged!

Cheers, everyone! Looking forward to seeing you next year!