Dinosaur Tea Party

It’s the most sought-after invitation of the year: Dinoton Abbey for high tea. Now you’re all gussied up in your finery and ready for some tea and chit-chat. One problem: You can’t remember anyone’s name. Who’s that, sporting the fancy brooch with her pet chicken? Is that Jeannine? Beatriz? Oh, dear. If you’re not careful, you’ll commit a faux pas everyone will be gossiping about.

Charming art, streamlined play, and dinosaurs with British accents make this game irresistible. Store Link

• 20 dinosaur tiles
• 20 dinosaur cards
• 3 quirk tokens
• 14 sugar cubes
• 75 trait tokens
• 2 tbs proper fun

Dinosaur Tea Party is a game of pure deduction for 2-5 homo sapiens that plays in about 15 minutes. Each player takes a card corresponding to one of the dino guests. Players take turns asking each other questions or guessing their dinosaur’s name. If someone guesses your name, draw a new card. The first player to guess three names, wins the game. But be careful. Three curious quirks mean you can’t be certain whether that brachiosaurus in the bowler is Carlton or Quinton.


BEWARE: Dinos with quirk tokens cause them to give false answers!
Dinosaurs with quirks always answer the way their quirk says when someone inquires about a trait.

Always answer NO when a player inquires if you have a trait, even if the correct answer is yes.

Always answer falsely when another player asks if you have a trait. If your answer would normally be YES, you must answer NO, and vice versa.

Answer either YES or NO to the
first question asked to you, no
matter what the correct answer is.
After that, always answer opposite
what your prior answer was.
Example: “Yes, no, yes, no, etc.”

Download the Rulebook