Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze


Unmatched Adventures: Tales To Amaze offers a whole new way to play the best-selling game of epic battles between unlikely heroes. Instead of battling each other, four all-new heroes – Nikola Tesla, Annie Christmas, the Golden Bat, and Dr. Jill Trent the Science Sleuth – band together to take down a villain and their minions, controlled by the game.

Promo pack for Unmatched Adventures Tales to Amaze

8 Doom moths and 8 little green Martians to replace the doom/martian tokens in the game. A set of cards for each of the 4 Heroes with a special foil treatment.

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Race to defeat the mysterious Alien Invader before its technological advancements let it take over the town. Or foil the dreaded Mothman before it destroys the bridges, fulfilling its prophecy of doom. But beware their minions: Jersey Devil, Ant Queen, the Blob, Skunk Ape, the Loveland Frog, and Tarantula.

You can also play a regular game of Unmatched using the heroes in this set, and, as always, mix-and-match heroes from other sets in both the cooperative or the standard game.

It’s all brought to life by a team of world-class illustrators: Kwanchai Moriya, Marie Bergeron, Ashley Floréal, Satoshi, Kamanaka, Anne Benjamin, Nastya Lehn, and JJ Ariosa.



1 double-sided game board
4 bridge tokens
8 doom/alien tokens
4 invasion tokens
6 web tokens
6 acid tokens
1 threat marker
10 Amazing Event cards
2 villain figures
2 villain “double-dial” health dials
2 villain reference cards
6 minion tokens
6 minion health dials
8 enemy action decks
4 player order markers
22 initiative cards
4 hero figures
2 sidekick tokens
6 health dials
4 hero card decks
4 hero character cards