Create a hero who could take on everyone from Bigfoot to Bruce Lee and your character could be in an official Unmatched set.

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Your Mission

Design an original hero and their accompanying deck. We’re looking for originality in both theme and mechanics and a cohesive, well designed, playable deck. Additionally, there are a few more important considerations to keep in mind when designing your entry:

The Hero Should Be Unique: The hero must be a named entity and not a generic fighter. For example, “Blackbeard” would be fine, but “pirate” would not. There are potential exceptions to this rule for exotic or fantastical entities that aren’t otherwise named, e.g., the Raptors in our Jurassic Park set. Use your judgment.

The Hero Must Be in the Public Domain: We can’t publish a hero that uses the intellectual property of a third party without their permission, and we wouldn’t be able to know if a license could be obtained within the judging period. Therefore, you must limit your hero to someone who is in the public domain. If you’re unsure if your hero qualifies, you’re welcome to email for pre-clearance. There are three important aspects to keep an eye out for:

  • Copyright: This one is a bit tricky. Generally speaking, anything that was published in or before 1924 is now out of copyright protection. There are certainly works published more recently that are also not protected by copyright for a variety of reasons.
  • Trademark: Some heroes who appeared in works whose copyright has expired might still be covered under trademark law. A number of well-known heroes fall under this category, such as Conan and Zorro. While the enforceability of these trademarks might be legally questionable, for purposes of this contest, we’ll be steering well clear of them. You can search for a particular trademark on the USPTO website:
  • Likeness: While we have used heroes who were real people, stay away from real modern figures. Our general rule is avoiding any real person who has had a photograph taken of them. It’s arbitrary, but it works.

The Deck Has To Work as a Published Product: Keep in mind, we are planning to publish the winning decks in an official Unmatched set. You’re welcome to make decks that use more or less than 30 cards, have an extra mini or sidekick, have a creative sculpt concept for their mini, use the punchboard in an interesting way, and so forth. You’re even welcome to come up with a new angle that uses a new kind of component, such as a hero who uses a custom die. We’re interested in seeing all the creative things you can come up with. However, heroes that use exotic, expensive, or dangerous components are hard to turn into an actual product and aren’t likely to win, such as a 250-card deck, magnets, and so forth.

Existing Development: Please understand that we are also working on new heroes for future sets. It is possible that you submit a deck that is already in development. It is possible that your concept is similar to ours, even if it is for a different hero. Unfortunately, we cannot run a contest like this without protection against potential claims based on submissions. Therefore, to enter, you are agreeing to waive any such claim based on any submission you make. (See, “The Legal Stuff”.)

How To Enter:

This contest is open to anyone regardless of age or geographic location. (Some exclusions apply. See, “The Legal Stuff”.) We especially encourage designers from historically underrepresented ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds to participate. To enter the contest, follow these steps:

1) Download and complete the Unmatched Fan Battle Deck Design Submission Form located HERE.

2) Complete the entry submission form and upload your completed forms HERE no later than 11:59 PM ET on September 14, 2020.


The Restoration Games design team of Rob Daviau, Noah Cohen, Brian Neff, and Justin Jacobson will pick four winning decks. Winners will each receive a cash prize of $500. Restoration intends to (but cannot guarantee that they will) publish an official Unmatched set containing the four finalists’ decks. We reserve the right to modify the entry in any way we deem necessary for publication. Finalists whose deck is published in the set will also receive a credit line in the rulebook and a free case of the Unmatched set containing their winning deck.

The Legal Stuff:

  • This contest is being held by Restoration Games, LLC, located at 12717 W SUNRISE BLVD, #244, SUNRISE, FL 33323.
  • There is no cost to enter this contest.
  • This contest is open to persons of any age. Children under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian complete the entry form.
  • Limit 2 entries per person.
  • Entries will be accepted through 11:59 PM on September 14, 2020. We are not liable for late entries resulting from disruptions in internet service or other factors beyond our control.
  • The contest is not open to employees of Restoration Games, LLC or their immediate relatives.
  • This contest is not valid in Alabama, Mississippi, or where otherwise prohibited by law.
  • There is no guarantee of publication, and publication is conditioned upon execution of our Unmatched design contract.

Download a copy of these Unmatched design contest rules HERE.