Wild Ride (Downforce Expansion)

Wild Ride is the second expansion for Downforce.

Two new tracks on a double-sided board, featuring 3D ramps and wild animals for a whole new racing experience. These new tracks offer more strategic play for seasoned Downforce players, while offering casual players a wild ride.

“Aloha Sands” is set in a tropical paradise with lots of water across the track. 3D punchboard ramps placed in designated spaces on the board let racers jump over the water and ahead of other cars. But you’ll need to play a high enough speed card to use them! Figuring out when to use your speed cards to take advantage is the key to victory.

“Savanna Stretch” takes the race to the plains of Africa, and the track is home to a snake, a pack of antelope, and even an elephant! Racers must dodge the animals without getting blocked, but each time an animal gets passed, it moves ahead on the track. Often, the best place to be in this race is in second place – at least until the home stretch.