Big Rig and the Final 5 expansion for Thunder Road: Vendetta

This expansion for Thunder Road: Vendetta adds two new crews for players to control, allowing for a 5th-player and two unique styles of play. The Big Rig plows through everything in its way, lumbering forward like a turbo-charged bulldozer with a rocket launcher. The Final Five dart between other vehicles like a swarm of angry hornets.

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  • 1 Big Rig figure (in three parts)
  • 5 Final Five Motorcycle figures
  • 2 Choppers (2 different colors)
  • 10 Movement dice (4 red and 6 yellow)
  • 1 Big Rig Front Cab board
  • 1 Big Rig Section board
  • 1 Final Five Command Board
  • 5 Final Five Dasboards
  • 8 Off-road terrain tokens
  • 15 Minor damage tokens
  • 1 Rulebook