Race through the Demon King’s ever-changing domain. Use all of your cunning and luck to overcome outrageous obstacles and track down three pieces of a magical key. The first one to defeat the Demon King wins the game. But beware the Sleeping Giant, Part-Time Pirate, and dozens of other denizens that bring this charming world to life.


2 Connecting game boards

1 Demon King board

5 Plastic miniatures

6 8-sided dice

41 large (tarot sized) cards

40 Item tokens

5 Magic Item tokens

15 Key pieces

1 Adventure Atlas

1 Rule book

Take on the role of a Unique Unicorn, Gnarled Gnome, or one of the other three heroes and enter the amazing world of Key to the Kingdom. The centerpiece of the game is its one-of-a-kind, double-wide, portal-enhanced board. Jump into the whirlpool to unfurl the board and explore distant lands. Ascend the Evil Tower or one of the other many adventures described in the Adventure Atlas. Use your trusty items and quirky companions to tweak your rolls and win the day. Originally published in 1990, this restored version is brought to life by the incomparable art of Andrew Bosley, creating a world you’ll want to visit over and over again.