To win the game, you have to break the rules.

You are the leader of one of the great Italian families. You have ambitions. You take what is yours when you can. Sometimes it’s best to follow along. Other times, you must be willing to do what’s wrong to get what you want.

Indulgence is our restoration of 1982’s Dragonmaster and 1966’s Coup d’État, a card game where you can follow the leader’s rules to avoid paying a penalty or try to undermine them for a big reward. This trick-taking game let the players revel in ambition.

“…maybe my favorite trick taking game of all time.”

–Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower



64 cards (tarot, 70mm x 120mm)

  • 36 Family cards (9 cards in each of the four families)
  • 20 double-sided Edict cards
  • 4 Papal Bull cards
  • 4 Strongbox cards

Edict deck cover card

20 five-florin gems

26 one-florin coins

1 Indulgence ring

Our restoration moves the game to Renaissance Italy, another setting where power plays were fierce. Players take turns choosing to abide by the edict or attempt to sin—break the rule and take all the forbidden cards. To help them, sinners can use the Indulgence, a ring that lets them turn any card into a 10. Or, if they really want to up the ante, they can play their papal bull, which puts a whole set of edicts into play.


A pile of treasure worth fighting over, including a bejeweled ring


Stunning new art displayed on tarot-sized cards


20 edicts, offering deliciously difficult choices