We’ve got big plans. (No, bigger than that.) But we knew we’d need some help if we wanted to pull them off. So we searched around, talked to a bunch of people, and tried to figure out exactly what we needed and who could fit the bill. Which is why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve added three new members to the team: Lindsay Daviau as Production Superhero, J.R. Honeycutt as Tinker-in-Chief, and Suzanne Sheldon as Master of Fireworks.

Lindsay’s a little bit of a cheat for us as she’s really been on the team for a few months now, helping us get our initial slate of games into production on time. She worked at Hasbro as graphic designer and art director on projects such as Heroscape, Sorry Sliders, Bop It!, Guess Who, and many more. As Production Superhero, she not only helps make the games look good, she makes sure they get done right and on time. Just so happens, the company’s CRO, Rob Daviau, is her husband.

“Ha! Now I have all the Daviaus!”

J.R. Honeycutt is a relative newcomer to the board game scene. However, in that time, he has risen to become a true star with his keen insight and unflagging energy. He has worked with numerous companies and designers on numerous games, most recently as lead developer on SeaFall and co-designer of Fantasy Fantasy Baseball. As Tinker-in-Chief for Restoration Games, he sets the strategy for getting the games ready for production. His skills as both a designer and a developer ensure the company’s releases are going to be fun for the players and profitable for the company.

“You think we need one more?”

“You think we need one more.”

“Alright, we’ll get one more.”

Suzanne Sheldon is a high-profile media figure in the world of gaming. She is a regular contributor on the Dice Tower Network, including segments on crowdfunding and board game apps, and is a mainstay on board game twitter. She has been a vocal advocate for inclusiveness, diversity, and accessibility in the hobby—core principles of Restoration Games. As Master of Fireworks, she makes sure people take notice of everything we’re doing and that we put on a good show, from our digital face to community outreach to convention presence. As a portion of her compensation, the company is providing her with a pie diem.

These three additions give us a rock-solid foundation as we start in on those big plans. Reminder: We’ll be announcing our next slate of games at the “Dice Tower Live” show at Gen Con 2017 on Friday, August 18th at 1:00 PM EST and discussed at their “Blueprints” seminar on Saturday, August 19th at 12:00 PM EST.