vul-kar is back,

and he's meaner than ever. This fully restored version of the 1986 classic offers an amazing new island, a charming new narrative, stunning new components, and engaging new gameplay. Play cards to race across the island. Gather treasures and take snapshots. And, of course, blast your friends with fireballs!

The new version offers more marble mayhem with a dynamic Vul-Kar figure that keeps you guessing where they'll come out. But make sure you get back to the Hello-copter to really max out your score.

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In the Curse of Vul-Kar box:

  • 1 giant island made up of 3 plastic trays
  • 1 Vul-Kar figure
  • 4 player figures
  • 1 ladder
  • 2 bridges
  • 7 trees
  • 1 Heart of Vul-Kar crystal
  • 1 die
  • 30 action cards
  • 12 souvenir cards
  • 12 snapshot cards
  • 4 reference cards
  • 37 treasure tokens
  • 1 Maw treasure holder
  • 1 Hello-copter
  • 1 cataclysm tracker
  • 7 ember marbles
  • 5 fireball marbles
  • 2 cardboard scrims
  • instructions

1. Play your cards to race across the island!

2. Collect priceless treasures and snap some great pics!

3. Blast your friends with fireballs!

4. Get to the Hello-Copter!


Sometimes, you can turn Vul-Kar
the way you want...

...but even then you can't be sure
which way the fireballs will come out.

Adjust trees to divert fireball paths.
A tree could even save your life!

If you draw a Cataclysm card,
Vul-Kar gets to take a turn.

Here's some close up 3D renders featuring the the island art.

Fireball Island Expansions Now Available!

Wreck of the Crimson Cutlass

Adds a wrecked pirate ship gameboard with more treasure and more danger.

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The Last Adventurer

Adds a 5th player, new treasure, and snake marbles.

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Crouching Tiger Hidden Bees

Adds bee marbles, honey pot treasures, and a leaping tiger.

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Spider Springs

Adds a peninsula board, new threats, and a new escape route.

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Expansions coming soon!


Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar is our restoration of the original Fireball Island. We are building upon the excitement of the game you fondly remember, improving the gameplay to the standards and demands of the modern day gamer.