Bid! Race! Win!

Tires screech. Gears shift. Drivers push their million-dollar cars to the limit. The difference between victory and defeat could be a single card. Downforce is our restoration of Wolfgang Kramer’s classic.

For nearly 40 years, this card-driven racing game has been the delight of gamers and families. Known by many names – Top Race, Daytona 500, Cleveland Grand Prix – we bring it to you now as Downforce.

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Buy Now’s just a fantastically fun game that a wide audience can enjoy.”

-- Dave Banks,



1 Double-Sided Game Board

6 Race Car Pawns

54 cards total (standard/MtG, 63mm x 88mm)

  • 48 Speed Cards
  • 6 Power Cards

1 Pad of betting sheets

6 Driver Plaques

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Fast-paced and easy to learn, Downforce offers the thrill of racing reduced to its essence. Players get their cards, bid for their cars, and the race is off. Betting during the race gives players a chance to back their favorites, even cars owned by other players. Can you get to the turn before them? Can you back the right car to collect on your bet? Every turn and every card makes a difference.


6 different player powers give each player a unique advantage.

Use your Speed Cards wisely and time your maneuver to gain the advantage.


Danger Circuit

Two new tracks and six new powers to turbocharge your game of Downforce.

Late in the season, when every race counts, the tour heads east, to two of the toughest tracks any driver can face. Both tracks offer tantalizing choices for Downforce players looking for a more challenging race.

Adding the six new power cards to the mix allows players to use only those powers they like, while increasing replayability.

Danger Circuit is an expansion for Downforce. A copy of Downforce is required to play.

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Crosstown Speedway features crossover loops, where cars in the rear can block cars in the lead, and split track sections, requiring a quick decision between taking the shorter or safer route.


Switchback Pass introduces “dangerous” spaces. These sections of the track can be used to pass other cars, but you can’t end your turn there.



Powers range from the straightforward Ambitious, which pushes your car ahead when it crosses a betting line, to the challenging Reckless, which offers bonus movement to a car that squeezes between two others.